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About Cuisine Cube - Gluten Free Delivery Service.


About Cuisine Cube

We're a team of enthusiastic eaters, food professionals, and allergy sufferers from New York City who came together to create a new kind of gluten-free delivery service and to share our experience in the hunt for great gluten-free food.

Gluten intolerance is getting more attention today than ever before. We feel lucky that gluten-free brands are available in supermarkets all over the country, but let's face it, the bigger the brand, the more preservatives and additives they contain. Usually those brands don't taste the best, either. Using trial and error to sift through the clutter is a lot of work – not to mention a lot of subpar dinners. Lesser known brands made by small artisan producers taste better and are better for you. Supporting small businesses feels good, too. Even in New York City where food is everywhere, these 'little guys' can be hard to find, requiring multiple trips around town to specialty stores. The task can be a bit daunting for the everyday shopper. That’s why we created Cuisine Cube!

We are foodies who won't rest until we find the best tasting and most awesome brands. We select our favorite picks in each meal category monthly and deliver them right to your door. You save time and money and get food that is great by anyone's standards, gluten-free or not.

We hope you like the foods we've found as much we do!

Eat Well!

Cuisine Cube Team

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